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Calculate Roulette Betting Winnings

Roulette is one of the most claimed traditional games in casinos since its inception, as its ease of play, its high level of winnings, and its chance factor have attracted generations to the casino tables to gamble their luck with just bet on a certain number in the online casino game.

Previously we have talked about the basic concepts of this game, as well as we have exposed some fundamental tips when playing roulette. However, today we will stop at the explanation of how to calculate the winnings of bets in roulette.

How to calculate gambling winnings at roulette?

First of all, the most important thing in this aspect is to always take into account the amount of money with which the game will start, as well as to draw up a game strategy based on the expenses that will be made with each bet, in this way it will be much easier to calculate the winnings of bets in roulette.

Therefore, the first thing to keep in mind is that the more bets are made in a certain sector, the more numbers are being covered, and therefore, the bet will be somewhat more secure but will not have an excessively high-profit margin.

Meanwhile, by betting on a single number, the chances of success decrease, but the profits increase dramatically, so it is a matter of choosing and playing, taking into account our available budget during the game, and above all, our intuition to the bet time.

On the other hand, if we bet on a semi-triple, that is, on two numbers, our chances of success increase, although our profits are divided by two with respect to a bet on a single number.

Therefore, if betting on a single number, the bets are 35: 1, when betting on a half or “horse,” the bets are reduced to 17: 1.

Meanwhile, the easiest way to bet is betting on color or odd / even, in which you bet on practically half of the roulette wheel, so the chances of success grow considerably, greatly decreasing the possible ones.

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